Your IT account and library access after graduation

Your IT account

Your University IT account will close on the 31st August 2021 you will lose access to the following:

  • Your University email address ( and Office 365.
  • My Manchester.
  • Personal network storage space (P: drive).

This means that you will need to forward any emails you want to keep to a non-University email account.  

Also, if there are any files that you want to keep that are currently in the SkyDrive associated with your Office 365 account, or your P:drive, you will need to save them elsewhere. 

You will also lose access to any Microsoft credits associated with your University student email account.

Library Access

Once you’re student card expires you will no longer be able to access to the University Library; however once you have graduated  you can apply for an Alumni library card and also access some of the Library’s electronic resources. See Library Services for Alumni.


You can continue to use the Careers Service for two years after you finish your course. This means you can use CareerConnect as a graduate to search for opportunities, register for events, and book appointments.
You can continue to use CareerConect using your student email address. Once this stops working, you can apply for your free, graduate account by selecting ‘Graduate sign in and registration’.