Summer 2021 Graduations: FAQs

Find out the latest information and advice for students graduating this summer. We will keep these FAQs updated with any new information as it becomes available.

Will Winter graduation ceremonies take place this year?

At this stage, we expect that our December graduation ceremonies will go ahead as scheduled. However, we will keep this under review and will provide more details nearer the time for students who would normally expect to graduate in December.

As and when further information is available, this information will be updated as appropriate.

Are the July 2021 ceremonies being rescheduled?

Yes, we are pleased to confirm that we are very much looking forward to creating a truly memorable occasion for you next year, with a full rescheduled ceremony here in Manchester. These ceremonies will take place in either Spring 2022 or Summer 2022, with exact time frames for individual cohorts still to be determined, taking into consideration the latest government advice at the time. 

These rescheduled ceremonies will be for:

  • graduates of the Class of 2020, who missed out on the opportunity to attend their graduation ceremonies in July and December last year, and;

  • those who are due to graduate this summer.

The rescheduled ceremonies to be held next year will run in addition to the usual, scheduled ceremonies that will also be running, for our Class of 2022. We will continue to keep our Graduation FAQs up to date and will write to graduates again later this year with updates on the emerging plans.

Can I defer my July 2021 graduation to December 2021 due to the postponement of the Summer ceremonies? 

Unfortunately, no as the July graduation ceremonies have been postponed, we are unable to defer students from July to December.  Please see response to 'Are the July ceremonies being rescheduled?'

How will I receive my certificate if I graduated virtually this Summer?

We will make sure that your degree certificate will be posted to your Home Address as recorded on your student as noted on the communications email titled 'Important Instructions for Receiving Your Award Certificate.' Please ensure that your Full Home Address (including correct Postal Code) are up to date. Please see response to ‘What can I do if the Home Address is wrong?

Please ensure your home address and name (see guidance below) are fully updated no later than 28 July 2021 (no amendments can be made after this date). Your certificate will be posted out at the end of August. For overseas delivery please ensure that your preferred phone number is selected as preferred and your personal email address is selected or saved as email type 'Home' is up to date this is important and will be used by the courier to contact you for all overseas/EU delivery.

You will receive your certificate no later than end of September for UK posting and end of October for Overseas posting –

Non-Receipt of certificate for Summer 2021 graduate

Firstly please do not contact Student Services regarding non-receipt of certificates until 1 November 2021.

After 1st November 2021 and you have still not received your certificate please email and clearly state in the subject line of your enquiry 'Not received my certificate - Graduated Summer 2021'. By not completing the subject line correctly, this may result in a delay in responding to your enquiry.

Details needed to ensure your enquiry is dealt with promptly:

  • Full Name at time of graduating
  • Student ID Number
  • Degree type and subject
  • Full mailing address which must include correct Postcode
  • Contact email address
  • Delivery address telephone number please include country code


What can I do if the Home Address is wrong?

If your home address is incorrect you can update it by following these steps;
- Log into MyManchester
- Click on ‘My Profile’ and ‘Edit’.
- You should then click on ‘Student System' and from the 'Self Service' menu navigate to ‘Addresses’.
- Click on ‘Home Address’ and select the 'Edit Address' hyperlink
- Fill in the correct address information including full postal code and remember to change country (if applicable) and click ‘OK’.
- You should enter the date when you moved/will move into this address and then select 'Select' the address type as HOME by ticking the appropriate box and then click on submit.
- Finally select 'Save' to finalise your change.

How does my name appear on my certificate?

Your full name as noted on the communications email titled 'Important Instructions for Receiving Your Award Certificate.' If you have not received an email please contact

Please Note: Your Full Name is not currently displayed on mymanchester  

UG and PGT Architecture Graduates Please Note: That Architecture Graduates certificates and transcripts are provided by MMU. You will have received the general email regarding important instructions to ensure your name is correct for the Digital Programme

My name is not showing on my record correctly – How can I check this?

Please check your email inbox for an email titled 'Important Instructions for Receiving Your Award Certificate.' If you have not received an email please contact 

Please Note: There has been a slight issue in displaying names with accented letters, umlauts e.t.c within the email if this error appears on your name in the email then please be assured that the accents on names will show correctly on your official certificate and other documents.

Please Note: Your Full Name is not currently displayed on mymanchester  

I am not marked as a potential graduate?

This is not an issue you will still be able to check your home address details are correct. Please check your email inbox for an email titled 'Important Instructions for Receiving Your Award Certificate.' Your full name and Home Address will be contained within this email any incorrect information needs to be updated by 28 July 2021

My name is not showing on my record correctly – How can I change/update my name?

Names can only be amended by staff members. Once you have checked your full name by following the above processes and if your name contains errors, please see below on how to change or update your name.

If your name has 1 or 2 letters that have been mixed up or missing please email your school administrator or email explaining that the name is slightly incorrect and provide the correct spelling of your full name.

If part of your name is fully missing or incorrect family name due to marriage etc. you will need to send official documents (Wedding certificate/passport/change of name deeds) as proof in order to get your name updated please email your school administration or email explaining that your name is incorrect.

Please ensure your name is fully updated no later than 28 July 2021.

I have an outstanding tuition fee debt

It is our policy that degrees will not be awarded to anyone who has a tuition fee debt outstanding to the University.

If you owe tuition fee debts to the University, these must be settled by Wednesday 28 July 2021. If you settle any debt after this date, your name will not appear in the digital programme.

If you are unsure what debts you owe to the University, please follow the actions below:

Self-funding student: You can view your details by logging into:  My Manchester – this will also provide information about next steps for any unpaid debts.

Sponsored student (where an organisation is paying your fees): You will need to check your student campus account and if there is an indicator sign Negative Service Indicators  you will need to contact the Credit Control Team on +44 (0)161 275 8130 or email

Digital Documents

Official Digital Certificate

Following the success of the pilot scheme for the December 2020 cohort and provision of a Digital Certificate, you will receive your official Digital Certificate via Digitary Core no later than Monday 23rd August – In order to successfully receive notification of your digital document and enable access please ensure you have added or updated your Home Email Address is up to date no later than 28 July 2021.

Official Digital Transcript

If applicable you will be in receipt of your Official Digital Transcript via Digitary Core no later than Monday 9 August 2021. In order to successfully receive notification of your digital document and enable access please ensure have added or updated your Home Email Address no later than 28 July 2021.

Automatic Provision of Confirmation of Award Letter

We are also delivering an automated 'Confirmation of Award' letter. This will confirm details of your award which you can use in lieu of your certificate.

You will be sent an email on or before 2 August 2021 - to a maximum of 3 email addresses you hold on the student record. If you do not hold an email contact you will not be sent anything. The email will state the following:

From: University of Manchester Student Services

Subject: Confirmation of Award Letter

How will I maintain a connection with the University of Manchester?

Once you've graduated in absentia you'll begin to hear from the Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR). They're here to:

  • help you stay connected with your university;
  • connect you with other alumni who can help with your career and next steps;
  • help you access services like Library e-resources and the Careers Service.

To make sure that we can continue to support you please take a moment to check and update your personal email address by logging into MyManchester, click on 'My Profile' and 'Edit' before 31 August 2021.

I want to decide how you want your personal information to be used?

Digital programme

To complement our virtual graduation celebrations, we'll be creating a digital programme. Your name and award will be included, but your individual classification will not be.

If you don't want your name and award to be included, please email by 5pm on Wednesday, 28th July 2021. Please use 'Graduation programme' in the email subject line.

Virtual graduation celebrations

As part of our virtual graduation celebrations, we might display your name and/or your image during the live event or as part of some pre-recorded content. If you don't want us to use your name and/or image, please contact your School directly.

Third party verifications

Your degree information will also be shared with Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD). HEDD is the UK's verification service and is managed by Jisc.

This lets potential employers verify your results online. The information stored about you in the HEDD database can only be accessed with express written permission from you each time. The data is not just accessible to anybody at any time.

Email the Student Services Centre on to ask about the process of removing your qualification from HEDD. We advise against this because it might increase the time it takes to verify your result during employment screening or by other universities.