Graduation 2021 - FAQs

Find out the latest information and advice for students graduating this year. We will keep these FAQs updated with any new information as it becomes available.

Winter 2021

Why have the winter 2021 ceremonies been postponed at short notice?

We have considered this week’s introduction of the government’s Plan B guidance for COVID-19 and the growing concerns and available data about the COVID-19 variant, Omicron.

While we are confident that in-person, teaching of students on campus remains as safe as possible in controlled environments, we believe that the risks associated with holding large scale events with mixed age groups is now too great, given the rapid transmission of the Omicron variant over recent days.

It is not a decision we have taken at all lightly, particularly given the very close proximity to the event itself. However, the safety of you, your guests, and staff always comes first and we hope therefore that you can understand why the decision has been made.

For all information regarding documents please visit Transcripts, certificates and verifications | The University of Manchester

Are the winter 2021 ceremonies being rescheduled?

Yes. We are planning to offer dates in March and April 2022 and as soon as more specific dates are available we will be in touch with further information about the rescheduled ceremonies.  We will keep the Graduation website up to date with any new announcements.

I have already incurred costs to attend the winter 2021 ceremonies - will I get anything back?

We understand that due to the short notice of the postponement of these events that some costs and inconvenience will have been incurred. Whilst we hope you appreciate why we have taken this really difficult decision, by way of recognising the inconvenience and disappointment caused, for all graduands who had registered to attend a ceremony as of 10 December 2021, we are going to: 

  • cover the full cost of your gown hire with Ede and Ravenscroft - For graduands who were registered and fully eligible to attend Winter Graduation 2021, and ordered and paid for their gowns with Ede & Ravenscroft; if you contact Ede & Ravenscroft, they will provide a full refund directly.
  • arrange to give you a £50 payment to thank you for your forbearance and understanding. Arrangements are still being gone through to ensure how this happens, and once confirmed, we will let everyone know

For Ede and Ravenscroft  Contact Us | Ede & Ravenscroft ( call them on +44 (0)1223 861854.

Will I still graduate and receive my certificate?

Yes. All successful candidates will graduate without being present in person (technically known as graduating ‘in absentia’) and you will receive your degree certificates by post to your home address. Students that confirmed they would attend and their certificate will now be posted, please ensure your name, home address, email address and telephone number are up to date in My Manchester  no later than 31 December 2021 to enable postage and tracking, and avoid any delay in receiving your certificate. 

For students that registered they would not attend or did not register the deadline for updating address, email and telephone number was 1st December 2021 

Summer 2021

Are the July 2021 ceremonies being rescheduled?

Yes, we are currently planning rescheduled in-person ceremonies for those who graduated in summer 2020 and summer 2021. These will take place in either spring or summer 2022 (exact dates and times to be confirmed), taking into consideration government advice at the time. We will contact graduates again later this year with updates on the emerging plans. These rescheduled ceremonies will be in addition to the ceremonies for students graduating in summer 2022. 

How will I receive my certificate if I graduated in summer 2021?

Your degree certificate was posted at the end of August to your home address as recorded on our online student system.

I have not received my certificate

If you have still not received your certificate by 1 November 2021, please email with the subject line 'Not received my certificate - graduated summer 2021'. In the email please include these details, so we can deal with your enquiry promptly:

  • Full name at time of graduating
  • Student ID number
  • Degree type and subject
  • Full mailing address, including postcode (or your country's equivalent)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number, including country code

What if the home address on my record is wrong?

Certificates were sent out at the end of August to the home address on your record at the time. If your home address is incorrect, you can update it and order a duplicate certificate. To update your address:

  • Log into MyManchester
  • Click on ‘My Profile’ and ‘Edit’.
  • Click on ‘Student System' and from the 'Self Service' menu navigate to ‘Addresses’.
  • Click on ‘Home Address’ and then 'Edit Address' 
  • Fill in the correct address information including full postcode, and remember to change country (if applicable) - then click ‘OK’.
  • Enter the date when you moved/will move into this address and then 'Select' the address type as HOME by ticking the appropriate box - then click on 'submit'.
  • Finally click 'Save' to finalise your change.

How does my name appear on my certificate?

Your full name as noted on the email sent to you with the subject line 'Important Instructions for Receiving Your Award Certificate.' There was a slight issue in displaying names with accented letters, umlauts etc. within the email, however these letters will show correctly on your official certificate and other documents.

My name is not showing on my record correctly – How can I change/update my name?

Names can only be amended by staff members.

  • If your name has a small error (such as one or two letters mixed up or missing), email your school administrator or providing the correct spelling of your full name.
  • If part of your name is fully missing or incorrect (due to marriage etc.) you will need to send official documents (wedding certificate, passport, change of name deeds) as proof in order to get your name updated. Please email this to your school administrator or explaining that your name is incorrect.

I have an outstanding tuition fee debt

It is our policy not to award degrees to anyone who has a tuition fee debt outstanding to the University. If you are unsure what debts you owe to the University, please follow the actions below:

Self-funding student: View your details by logging into My Manchester – this will also provide information about next steps for any unpaid debts.

Sponsored student (where an organisation is paying your fees): Check your student campus account - if there is an indicator sign Negative Service Indicators  you should contact the Credit Control Team on +44 (0)161 275 8130 or email

Digital documents

  • Official digital certificate: You will receive your official digital certificate via Digitary Core no later than Monday 23 August 2021.
  • Official digital transcript: If applicable you will receive your official digital transcript via Digitary Core no later than Monday 9 August 2021.
  • Confirmation of award letter: This will confirm details of your award, which you can use while you wait for your certificate.

How will I maintain a connection with the University of Manchester?

Even after you've graduated, you can continue accessing some university services (such as careers and our libraries) and you can also join our alumni community. Find out more on our after you graduate page.

Can I choose how I want my personal information to be used?

Third party verifications

Your degree information will be shared with Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD), which allows employers or other universities to verify your results online if you apply to work or study with them. The information stored about you can only be accessed with written permission from you each time - the data is not just accessible to anyone.

We advise against removing your information from HEDD, as this may increase the time it takes to verify your result during employment screening or by other universities. However if you still want to discuss removing your information, email the Student Services Centre on