Frequently Asked Questions - July 2022 Graduation

Have questions about your graduation? Browse through the information below to find out more about your day - these FAQs will be updated regularly as more details are confirmed.

Top Graduation FAQs

When are the Class of 2022 graduation ceremonies?

The 2022 Summer graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2022 will be taking place from Monday 11 July – Friday 22 July 2022 . For a full list of dates and times of each Ceremony please see theSchedule of Ceremonies.

Where are the graduation ceremonies being held?

The Graduation Ceremonies are hosted every year at theWhitworth Hall (No. 50 on the campus map).

How much will it cost to attend?

There is no cost for your ceremony.  Your entrance is free and includes a maximum of two free guest tickets.

Gowns must be worn and the online hire cost from Ede & Ravenscroft, the universities official gown hire is £42 for a Bachelor and Masters Gown and £56 for a Doctoral gown. If you forget to pre-order your gown, the hire cost on the day will be higher than the prices above.

Optional and additional costs include professional photography, parking, food and drinks on campus etc. 

How and when will I be able to register to attend?

You will be emailed to your university and personal email address we currently hold on your student record on Wednesday 13 April 2022 once registration opens (GMBA eligible graduates will be email before close of business 14 April 2022 and registration is different for GMBA).

Please make sure we have the right contact details for you and keep an eye on your inbox.

How do I know if I’m potentially eligible to attend?

If you are in your final year of your programme and due to complete and be fully awarded by 1July 2022, then you should be potentially eligible to attend the ceremony.

How do I register to attend or get guest tickets?

Details of how you should register your attendance will be in the email sent on the 13 April and accessible on the ‘Preparing to graduate’ page.

I’m not attending the ceremony - do I need to do anything?

Yes. It is equally important that you register to say you are not attending via the registration process. This way we can ensure that you receive your certificate after the graduation period via post.

How do I hire my gown?

All gown hire should be arranged via Ede & Ravenscroft, the University’s official gown supplier. Please seeGraduation Services | Ede & Ravenscroft ( for booking and all related information. Please order your gown by Friday 24 June 2022.

How many tickets can I have?

All graduands are guaranteed a maximum of 2 guest tickets (government guidelines allowing); these must be requested through My Manchester when you register your intention to graduate at a ceremony. You can request a maximum of two guest tickets per person. You will receive an email confirming your registration the week commencing the Monday 4 July. You will need to show this email at the registration desk, University Place (37 on the campus map) when collecting your tickets on the day of your ceremony.

The deadline to do this is Friday 1 July 2022. 

No further tickets will be allocated for July 2022 prior to the ceremonies. In the extremely unlikely event that there are any additional tickets available for your ceremony, these will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis on the day when registration opens for your ceremony. However, it must be noted that it is unlikely that additional tickets will be available. Therefore, please do not rely on this and do not make arrangements on an assumption that more than 2 guests will be seated in the Whitworth Hall.

(Please Note: there are separate instructions for Global MBA Students to register for their guest tickets.) 

You cannot collect tickets or register more than 2 hours before your assigned ceremony.

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets for guests will be issued on the day of the ceremony to you when you register your attendance and receive your seat number.  Please note, when registering on the day, graduands will receive their seat number and their maximum of 2 x guest tickets

When will I receive my certificate?

If you attend the ceremony you will receive your certificate as you leave the stage from the centre steps.  If you are not attending you will need to register to receive your certificate by post or opt to collect from the Student Service Centre. 

If I am due to graduate, when can I have my transcript?

From the day of your graduation ceremony, you will be able to access your digital transcript online free of charge. For new users of Digitary, please register here. You will not be able to register Digitary access until the day of your graduation.

Do I have to attend the ceremony?

No. The graduation ceremonies are celebratory events for you to formally receive your award in front of your guests and fellow graduates and celebrate your achievements at Manchester. However, you may choose to graduate in absentia if you prefer.

I have outstanding tuition fees – can I still register to come to the ceremony?

If you have any tuition fees owing to the University you cannot attend the ceremony and your certificate and transcripts are withheld until the debt is settled. To be eligible to graduate, all outstanding debts must be paid by Friday 1 July 2022

If you're not coming to the graduation ceremony you still need to complete the registration as appropriate, so that we know what arrangements are needed to ensure you receive your certificate. 

How do I register?

Register your attendance or non-attendance via the instructions provided to you in your email or on the ‘Preparing to graduate’ page. 

Please note: Global MBA students will be provided with different instructions on how to register but all dates are still applicable.

When should I register?

Registration does not open until Wednesday 13 April and closes Friday 1 April 2022.

What will happen when I register?

You should register to:

·   Attend the ceremony with or without guests

·   Not Attend known as ‘Graduating in Absentia’ where you don’t come to the ceremony and your certificate will be posted to you. If you opt for posting, please do not query non arrival of certificate until after 1 October 2022 if not already received by this date.

I can’t register - what do I do? 

Please do not attempt to register until registration opens on the 13 April and closes on the 1 July 2022 (please note: July 2022 graduation ceremonies are for the graduating Class of 2022.)

If you have received notification to register for the July 2022 graduation ceremonies via email, but are having trouble registering, please contact Student Services Centre for assistance on 0161 275 5000.

Please Note: If you are from cohort 2020 and 2021 postponed ceremonies and were not able to attend the rescheduled March / April ceremonies and have registered your interest to attend the July Event by the 24March 2022 deadline this is completely separate event to the July 2022 graduation ceremonies – the Alumni team should have already been in touch with you separately.

I need to change my email address/postal address/home telephone number

Please login to My Manchester where you will be able to make changes until the registration deadline of 1 July 2022.


Postal details:

Please ensure that your home address on the student system is updated before1 July 2022 to ensure certificates are sent to the correct address. It’s also important for certificates being posted to overseas addresses that you ensure your home telephone number and personal email is correct. If you have not changed your home address details and they need correcting from 1 July onwards and you do not receive your certificate, you will need to order a replacement certificate through the estore and this will be charged for.

You also need to ensure your name is up to date in the Student System on or before 1 July 2022. You can only view your full name when registering to attend or graduating in absentia for graduation. This is the name that will be printed on your certificate.


The default provision for any deferral request from July 2022 graduation ceremonies is that you can defer to a graduation ceremnoy in either December 2022 or July 2023. You are only permitted to defer up to 12 months and you will need to contact us about 2-3 months before your chosen deferred ceremony.

You must have registered to not attend the July 2022 ceremony and selected the deferred option otherwise you will not be permitted to attend a future ceremony.


How do I request guest tickets?

You request guest tickets as part of the registration process once you have selected the option to attend.  However, there is a system error whereby it will let you put in any number of guest tickets.  Please note, only a maximum of 2 guest tickets will be provided.  Please enter one of the following for your guest tickets:




Each guest attending the ceremony will need a ticket.  Please do not make any arrangements for more than 2 guests to attend on campus as there is no on campus provision for any additional guests.  Registration for each ceremony will open 2 hours before the start of the ceremony.  You cannot register any earlier than 2 hours before this.

How much are the tickets?

There is no charge for guest tickets.

When will I receive my tickets?

You will receive your guest tickets along with your seat number in the same pack when you register your attendance at the registration desk in University Place 2 hours before the ceremony is due to start. Please ensure you give your guest tickets to your guests as they will be required to hand them in at guest entrance point into the Whitworth Hall. You should keep hold your seating number as you will be required to hand them in at graduand entrance point into the Whitworth Hall.

How many guests can I bring?

Government guidelines allowing, we guarantee a maximum of 2 tickets per graduate for all graduands who register by 1 July 2022. 

Can children come to the ceremony?

Our graduation ceremonies are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour duration and are not tailored for young children. Additionally, due to the length of the ceremony and for health and safety reasons, we do not recommend having children on your lap for the ceremonies; however it is at your discretion and we advise age group of 5 and under for yours and their comfort. All guests occupying a seat are required to have a guest ticket, including children. 

How do I tell you if I have special requirements?

At the time of registering please let us know if you have special requirements we need to be aware of such as:

·   You or your guests require a BSL Interpreter (only available upon request)

·   Wheelchair user

·   Guide/Assistance dog user

·   Temporary disability (i.e. broken leg)

·   Individual needs or access requirements

You will need to contact us by calling the Student Services Centre 0161 275 5000. We may contact you prior to the day to discuss any special arrangements with you. Please note the stage is accessed via steps. There is a lift available but we need to be made aware when it is required.

What arrangements can be made for guests with additional requirements?

Wheelchair access and seating in the Hall – A lift is available via Christie’s which will help guests access the Hall. Guests in a wheelchair will need to sit at the back of the Hall for ease of access and egress.  There is no requirement to inform us of this.

If you or your guests require the loan of a wheelchair for the day, your localBritish Red Cross may be able to assist you.  We are unable to supply wheelchairs for the day.

Is there disabled parking available?

The multi-storey car-parks at both Booth Street West and Charles Street offer paid public parking and are convenient and safe.

Disabled (blue badge) visitors: 

Blue badge parking is available in Car Park D, Booth Street West. When arriving at the barrier, please retain your ticket and visit the parking lodge before exiting, where staff will validate your ticket.

A drop off point is available for people holding a disabled blue badge in the front quad. Vehicles cannot be left in the quad. Access to the front quad via car is from Grafton Street, turn right drive across Oxford road into Burlington Street, through the barrier and turn right into the quad. After drop off, exit the same way by crossing Oxford Road back into Grafton Street. Please do not drive any further down Oxford road as there are restrictions in place.

Assistance for deaf or hard of hearing – BSL interpreters is only available upon request. Please let us know when you register if you need BSL interpreters at the ceremony and if you or your guests need to be seated in clear sight of them. Please call the Student Services Centre on 0161 275 5000.

Assistance for blind people – Assistance dogs are permitted into the Whitworth Hall. Should special seating or any other arrangements be required please let us know when registering to graduate. Please call the Student Services Centre 0161 275 5000.

Do I have to wear a gown at my graduation ceremony?

Yes, you must wear the correct academic dress for your award if you attend the graduation ceremony.

How do I hire my gown?

Please order withEde & Ravenscroft as far in advance as possible. Please order your gown by Friday 24 June 2022. You should also bring your confirmation details with you on the day.

When booking your gown you will need the following details:

·   Height

·   Hat size (circumference of your head taken just above your ears)

·   Chest measurements

·   Qualification (Bachelor, Masters etc)

·   Date and time of your ceremony

Please see Graduation Services | Ede & Ravenscroft for booking and all related information.

Where do I collect my gown?

Ede & Ravenscroft will be at your graduation ceremony in University Place (37 on the campus map) for you to collect your gown. Your gown will need to be returned here after your ceremony and before you leave campus.

What should I wear with my gown?

It is expected that everyone will dress formally, as is appropriate to the occasion. Your clothes are still clearly visible under your gown - most importantly, we want you to be comfortable. On the day you may also find it useful to bring a couple of safety pins and hair grips to help secure your gown, hood and mortarboard.

In addition, it is advisable to dress for warm weather at our July ceremonies. Due to COVID all windows will be open in the Whitworth Hall to supply fresh air. 

I’ve forgotten to order my gown

You will only be able to pre-order your gown up to 24 June 2022.  Gowns will be available to hire on the day, but at an additional cost. Please bring a card for payment and arrive early (2hrs before your ceremony) to arrange hire and be fitted.

Can I throw my mortarboard?

The gown suppliers, Ede & Ravenscroft, request that you do not throw your mortarboard as this is their property and it may get damaged.  Also in the past, there have been accidents that have caused injury to persons.

How do I contact the gown suppliers?

Ede & Ravenscroft

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 734 759 


What if I still have questions about hiring a gown?

Before contacting Ede & Ravenscroft, see if their frequently asked questions - gown hire can help.

Who are the official photographers for the university?

The University’s authorised graduation photographers are H Tempest Ltd who offer a range of photographic services.  They will be located on campus to provide official photographs to graduands and their guests.

Do I have to have professional photos taken?

No, the professional photography service is completely optional. You and your guests can take your own photos at any time and there will be opportunities to do this together with your guests before and after your ceremony – please note, due to COVID once you and your guests are seated, you must remain seated in the Hall before and during the ceremony.  

When should I have my photos taken?

Professional photography will be available at your graduation ceremony before and after your ceremony to take your picture. We recommend you have your pictures taken before the ceremony in order to avoid queues.

How do I contact the photographers?

Please note, office hours are 08:15-16:15. During these hours you can reach Tempest on 01736 751555.

What will I receive at the graduation ceremony?

You will receive a folder containing your award certificate which will have the seal and signatures of the University.

What should I do with my certificate?

Keep them in a safe place as they are important and your certificate is a unique legal document. These documents can be used as proof of your studies and you will need them for job applications, visa applications and applications for further study.

What name will be on my certificate?

Your certificate will be produced using the name that is held on the student record system. You can view your full name when registering to attend and graduating in absentia. This is the name you advised us of when you completed your enrolment and should match your passport.

My name is not correct what should I do?

For full or partial name amendment you will need to provide proof such as passport, deedpoll etc. For minor errors that need amending i.e. a letter missing or incorrect order can be amended without proof. To amend your name you will need to send an email and please write in the subject line ‘Graduation Name Amendment Required’.

You need to contact us with any amendments before 1 July 2022.  If your certificate has an incorrect name and you have not notified us of any required amendments by the deadline, then we will not replace this free of charge and you would be required to purchase a duplicate.

I’m not coming to the ceremony – how do I get my certificate?

Please make sure you register your non-attendance via registration and choose the option of post or collection. 

Postal option:

Please do not make enquiries about postal receipt until 1 October 2022 if not received.

If your certificate is not received at your home address then you have one year to inform us and request a replacement.  After this you would be required to purchase from the online Store.

Please note: Your home address and name must be correct on the Student System by the deadline 1 July 2022.  If your certificate is sent to an incorrect home address then we will not replace this and you would be required to purchase a duplicate.

Collection option:

If you have opted to not attend and requested to collect your certificate from SSC, you will only be able to collect your certificate the day after your actual ceremony has taken place. To collect you must register that you are not attending your ceremonies.

If I am due to graduate, when can I have my transcript?

From the day of your graduation ceremony, you will be able to access free of charge your digital transcript online.  For new users of Digitary, please register here. You will not be able to access Digitary Core account until at least the day of your ceremony.