Daily graduation schedule

Our Winter graduations will take place at Whitworth Hall from Monday 12 December to Friday 16 December 2022 for the Class of 2022. 

Use this daily scheudle to find out where you need to be at what time on the day of your ceremony. Registration will open 2 hours before your ceremony is due to start. 

Please note: These dates are subject to change between now and the opening of registration which is on 13 October.


Ceremony start time Registration - University Place Gown collection - University Place

Photography -
University Place

Whitworth hall opens Graduands and guests seated Ceremony ends Celebration marquee (Outside Williamson Building) Gown Returns - University Place
09.30am 07.30am 7.30am Open until 7pm 8.40am 9.10am
(graduand doors closes 9.15am)
10.30am 10.30am Open until 7.30pm
11.15am 9.15am 9.15am Open until 7pm 10.40am 10.55am
(graduand doors closes 11am)
12.15pm 12.15am Open until 7.30pm
1pm 11am 11am Open until 7pm 12.25pm 12.40pm
(graduand doors closes 12.45pm)
2pm 2pm Open until 7.30pm
2.45pm 12.45pm 12.45pm Open until 7pm 2.10pm 2.25pm
(graduand doors closes 2.30pm)
3.45pm 4pm Open until 7.30pm
4.30pm 2.30pm 2.30pm Open until 7pm 3.55pm 4.10pm
(graduand doors closes 4.15pm)
5.30pm 5.30pm Open until 7.30pm
6.15pm 4.15pm 4.15pm Open until 8pm (on days where the last ceremony is at 6.15pm) 5.40pm 5.55pm
(graduand doors closes 6pm)
7.15pm 7pm Open until 8.30pm (on days that the last ceremony is 6.15pm)