Preparing to graduate


Your graduation is an official celebration of all your accomplishments during your time at Manchester. These pages have all the key information you’ll need to be fully prepared ahead of the big day.

If you’re attending your ceremony

Registration for our December ceremonies will open on Thursday 13 October 2022 and will close on Wednesday 30 November 2022. Please read over these instructions on what you need to complete before your graduation day and to ensure you are eligible to graduate.

To be awarded your degree and attend graduation, there are some steps you must take:

1. Have a published degree result on your student record

To graduate and have your name included in the graduation programme, you must have a published result. This means there must be a full completion of your award status on your student record by Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

N.B. Postgraduate Research Students (PGR) identified as potentially eligible to graduate will all receive invitations to the graduation ceremony. However, a PGR must have full completion of their award status (i.e. have been issued with the final award confirmation letter) by the 30th November deadline in order to graduate and have their name included in the graduation programme.  If you anticipate receiving your award letter by the above deadline, we would advise you to register to attend/not attend.

2. Clear any outstanding tuition fee debt

It is our policy that degrees will not be awarded to anyone who has a tuition fee debt outstanding to the University.

If you owe tuition fee debts to the University, these must be settled by Wednesday, 30 November 2022. If you settle any debt after this date, your name will not appear in the digital programme. If you are unsure what debts you owe to the University, email the Credit Control Team on as soon as possible.

3. Decide how you want your personal information to be used

Graduation programme:

If you don’t want your name and award (classifications are not included) to be included, please email Please use ‘Graduation programme’ in the email subject line.

Third party verifications:

Your degree information will also be shared with Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD). HEDD is the UK’s verification service and is managed by Jisc. This lets potential employers verify your results online. The information stored about you in the HEDD database can only be accessed with express written permission from you each time. The data is not just accessible to anybody at any time.

Email the Student Services Centre on to ask about the process of removing your qualification from HEDD. We advise against this because it might increase the time it takes to verify your result during employment screening or by other universities.

You must check and confirm your personal information in the Student System by Wednesday 30 November 2022. 

We will use your full name, exactly as it is in the Student System. You can view your full name when you login to register your choice to attend or not attend the ceremony through My Manchester, this name will be printed on your degree certificate. We also need your correct home address to send you your certificate. 

You might also need to contact your School about updating your name or other details. Details not updated on or before 30 November could mean that you will need to purchase a replacement degree certificate.

How does my name appear on my certificate?

Your full legal name as recorded on your student record. Names on certificates are only printed on documents in the order of First Name/s Middle Name/s Surname/s, the order of names can not be amended, unless has been recorded on the system in error

My name is not showing on my record correctly – How can I check this?

To view your full name please login to your student record. Go to Student Centre and navigate to the following Self-Service > Degree Progress / Graduation > Attend Graduation Ceremony

My name is not showing on my record correctly – How can I change / update my name?

Names can only be amended by staff members. Once you have checked your full name by following the above process and your name contains errors, please see below on how to change or update your name. 

If your name has 1 or 2 letters that have been mixed up or missing please email your school administrator or email or explaining that the name is slightly incorrect and provide the correct spelling of your full name.

If part of your name is fully missing or incorrect family name due to marriage etc. you will need to send official documents (Wedding certificate / Passport / Change of Name Deeds) as proof in order to get your name updated please email your school administration or email or explaining that your name is incorrect. Make sure that you mark the subject of your email Name Update for December Graduation Please ensure your name is fully updated no later than 30 November 2022 

Our winter graduations will take place at Whitworth Hall from Monday 12 December - Friday 16 December 2022, and registration for these ceremonies will open here on Thursday 13 October 2022. You can view the full schedule of ceremonies here. 

*Regardless of whether you wish to attend or not, you must notify us of your decision and update your personal details in My Manchester. If you are attending in-person or choosing to graduate in absentia or deferring, please register online using the registration My Manchester by Wednesday 30 November to confirm your choice.

You should also pre-order your gown  book these online through Ede and Ravenscroft the deadline to book your gown by Friday 25 November 2022. 

If you are planning on graduating in absentia, or deferring your graduation, you must also let us know in My Manchester before registration closes on 30 November 2022.

If you have lost IT access following completion of your course, you should go to

Access for disabled students:

When you register, please let us know if you have any access requirements so we can make arrangements to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly. For example, there is a lift to access the stage at graduation ceremonies but we need to be aware when it's required. Please contact our Student Services Centre on 0161 275 5000 if you have any requirements such as:

  • Wheelchair access

  • Guide or assistance dog 

  • Temporary physical disability (e.g. broken leg)

  • Other individual needs or access requirements

All graduands are guaranteed two guest tickets, these must be requested through My Manchester when you register your intention to graduate. Please note, there are separate instructions for Global MBA Students.

The deadline to register guest tickets is midnight Wednesday 30 November 2022. 

No further tickets will be allocated prior to the ceremonies, however there is capacity to accommodate additional guests in our dedicated live screening venue in Theatre A, University Place (37 on the campus map). 

All guests have an excellent view of the ceremony, including a close up view of each individual graduand as they are presented. In the very unlikely event that there are any additional tickets available for your ceremony, these will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis on the day when registration opens for your ceremony.

You will receive an email confirming your registration the week commencing 5 December. You will need to show this email at the registration desk, University Place (37 on the campus map) when collecting your tickets on the day of your ceremony, so make sure you bring it with you on the day. 

Please note: You cannot collect tickets or register more than 2 hours before your ceremony. 

You must wear official academic dress (a gown, hood and cap) to your ceremony. You should book these online through Ede and Ravenscroft, or call them on +44 (0)1223 861854. 

The deadline to book your academic dress is by Friday 25 November 2022.

Collecting your robes: 

·   Your hired academic dress will be available from the Robing area in University Place. 

·   You can collect your items up to two hours before your graduation ceremony.

·   You must have your Ede and Ravenscroft order number to collect your items.

·   You must keep the name label and pin, for returning your items after the ceremony.

You may find it useful to bring hair pins to hold your hat in place (if you have long hair), and a safety pin for your hood.

We request that you don't throw mortarboards for photos etc. - you may damage them, and unfortunately we have had some injuries in the past caused by flying mortarboards!

Returning your robes: 

·   You must return all hired items to where you collected them after your ceremony (unless you have paid to keep your gown for an extra week).

What to wear with your academic dress:

Your clothes will still be clearly visible under your gown. We expect that everyone will dress formally, as is appropriate to the occasion.

Global MBA students

Please note that Global MBA students will receive separate communication by email providing information for you to register to attend. Please do not try and register for graduation using the link on the graduation website as you will not be able to do so.

Check your personal details by Wednesday 30 November 2022. 

  • You can check that your name and home address is correct by using the following link:

  • If this link does not work or you receive an error message, please try clearing your cache or using another browser. We have found that this usually helps to fix the problem.
    • Once you have logged in, please select 'Self Service'.
    • Under the ‘Campus Personal information’ section, check that your name, mailing address and personal email address listed are all correct and up to date.

If you need to change your name, please email with a scanned copy of your passport/legal documentation, by Wednesday 30 November 2022 and we will update this for you. 


Graduation Checklist

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If you can't attend

If you’re unable to attend your ceremony for whatever reason, there's still a few steps you need to complete. You'll need to let us know you're not attending so we can make sure you recieve your certificate.

If you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony you can choose to either graduate in absentia or defer your ceremony for up to one year. You still need to register your choice and you can select to do either of these online when you receive your email inviting you to register.

  • Graduating in absentia means you will receive your award but not attend the ceremony.  If you choose to graduate in absentia you will not be able to attend a ceremony at a later date.

  • Alternatively, if you are unable to attend your graduation you can defer your ceremony for up to one year.

  • If you are not attending or wishing to defer, you should confirm in MyManchester by Wednesday 30 November 2022, and ensure your details are up to date (home address, email address, name). 

If you are graduation in absentia you have two options:

1. Collect your certificate from Student Service Centre on or after the day of your ceremony
2. We will be posted to your home addresses. You will need to register your intention of attending or not attending. Please make sure that your address is correct and up to date on 
your student record.

You must ensure your home address and name (see guidance below) are fully updated no later than 30 November 2022 - no amendments can be made after this date. You can find details on how to update your personal details under the 'Confirm my personal details' section above. 

You will receive your certificate no later than 1 February – please do not contact Student Services regarding non-receipt of certificates until after the above dates provided.

I have an outstanding tuition fee debt

It is our policy that degrees will not be awarded to anyone who has a tuition fee debt outstanding to the University.

If you owe tuition fee debts to the University, these must be settled by Wednesday, 30 November 2022. If you settle any debt after this date, your name will not appear in the digital programme.

If you are unsure what debts you owe to the University, email the Credit Control Team on as soon as possible.

Can I watch the graduation ceremonies online? 

If you would like to see the ceremony, you can watch it live here. Streaming will start at the beginning of the first ceremony.